10 Best Ad Blockers for Web Surfers in 2020

Block website ads and surf freely.

Best Ad Blockers for Web Surfers

Adblocker is a program that stops advertisements on any website or web page. Usually, these ads seem very annoying while doing some kind of internet browsing. Many companies are developing the best ad blockers. Providing their users the best experience. While running these adblockers you can do web surfing without interruptions.

YouTube ad blockers are also available. You can watch your videos on YouTube without excessive annoying ads. As installing an ad blocker is an easy process. So, everyone can use these ad blockers. You just need to install the extension from the extension store and click on the enable button.

Which would be the best ad blocker?

There are lots of ad blockers are available. But, the question is which ad blocker will perform well. Every adblocker has its specific features. Some adblockers are good enough for YouTube ads and some are best for website advertisements.

Here is the list of some best ad blockers used in 2020.

1. uBlock

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uBlock ad blocker works against web promotions, trackers, malware, examination, and intrusive things. As uBlock is centered around having a little memory and CPU impression. So, this bundle gives the web extension form. In contrast, uBlock has very little memory storage as compared to other ad blockers.

As the purpose of an adblocker is to let their clients work without any resistance. Therefore, the uBlock ad blocker is compatible with all browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. uBlock ad blocker is an open-source platform.

This adblocker comes among the best ad blockers in 2020. And have thousands of clients. Because uBlock can block all kinds of advertisements on YouTube and the website.


  • Programs are publicity free
  • It secures your privacy
  • It does not allow ad servers to follow your information
  • Loads pages quickly
  • Include an accessible domain
  • It is free


  • uBlock does not offer security channels
  • Little memory

2. AdBlock Plus

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Adblock Plus is one of the best ad blockers available. Because it has amazing features as compared to others. Simply, it is compatible with Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android, and Beta.

Another amazing feature is that it allows clients to choose which ads to be blocked. you can change the settings according to your requirements. It is easy to access. It does not give any channels. But, gives you first start channel membership.  Blocked advertisements frequently leave clear space or pages with promoting labels. However, this can dispense with them with a component concealing element


  • Blocks all kind of ads
  • It cripples web-based life catches
  • You can change settings easily
  • You can use it in your local language
  • Includes accessible domain alternative


  • You need to work by yourself for some highlights
  • Specific site page components

3. AdGuard Adblocker

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AdGuard ad blocker is considered as the ad blocker which does not allow any kind of advertisements to be displayed on your site. Besides, this is very secured against malware. Also, it secures page stacking and work against threats. That’s why it as at the top of the best ad blockers available in 2020.

AdGuard can block video ads, glide advertisements, pop-up ads, pennants, and message ads. It does not allow any undesired parts to be obstructed on your pages. It gives the best chrome program route. AdGuard enables you to square promotions wherever remembering advertisements for recordings and games.

Also, Android and IOS applications are available on the play store and apple store. You can easily download it on your laptop, PC, or any other device. It also propels the well-being arrangements and malware recognition to verify them from any unnecessary advertisements.

Moreover, firewall, spy insurance, and HTTPs separating are the key highlights. likewise, it uses less memory and CPU. Also, it has a good working speed as compared to other ad blockers.


  • Includes channels
  • Social gadget blocking available
  • Include trackers
  • spammers cannot access to your information
  • Reclaiming parental control


  • No live quick answer and question sessions
  • In case of any issue, you have to wait for the answer

4. Fair AdBlocker

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Fair adblocker is known to be one of the best ad blockers. It can block malware, pop-up ads, and trackers. It is very quick and fast as compared to the other ad blockers. Users can square notices, pop-up ads, checking, and malware thing. It has good security to secure your information. It can also block ads on Facebook and YouTube.

furthermore, users can square web-mail notices, search notices, and promotions. Even you can control your ad blocker. Besides, there is no need to expel support content makers to block undesired advertisements. Users can obstruct the most bothering notices. Such as YouTube notices, promotions, overlay notices, extended advertisements, and interstitial page notices.


  • It is secure and private
  • Fair ad blocker reclaims control
  • Program is very secure
  • It keeps servers away from your information
  • Page loading speed is good


  • It can remove critical qualities
  • It can flagellate data to outsiders for perusing

5. AdBlock Ultimate

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Adblock Ultimate is another great choice if you don’t want to see online promotions and advertisements. It can bump the utilization of pernicious and malware areas together. Adblock ultimate offers channel membership to manage garish advertisements, website advertisements, and YouTube ads. It does not offer whitelist to show blocked adds and promotions. Also, this adblocker can accelerate stacking, CPU, and memory use.

Adblocker ultimately offers various channels to make sure the high security of user’s information. Therefore, it does not matter the type of advertisement this ad blocker gonna block everything. In contrast to other ad blockers, it does not have a whitelisting feature.


  • Adblock ultimate blocks all kinds of promotions
  • It causes no whitelisting
  • It gives security against malware functions
  • The most widely recognized programs are upheld
  • Adblock ultimate is free and open-source
  • No adequate advertisements permitted


  • Squares video ads and pennant notices
  • Whitelisting is not available
  • It more it works the more memory is used

6. AdBlock

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Adblock can screen advertisements for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Further, it can block squares too. Adblock extension is available on chrome. It has almost 60 million clients and over 200 million downloads. It can square advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, and other electronic ads.

Adblock evaluates advertisements before you see them. It does not let them those ads start on the user’s display. Sometimes, an ad can be displayed in the mid of the video. But, in most cases, it blocks those ads too. It is the main AdBlock programming that permits whitelisting explicit YouTube channels.

It offers an amazing feature to its clients that they can desire advertisements. And block all other promotions. Furthermore, this augmentation gives more control.


  • AdBlock is open source and free to download
  • The interface is extremely pleasant
  • Secures from malware
  • Cryptographic money mining security list
  • Can list your preferred sites


  • Working to some degree slow when various tabs are open
  • A few destinations don’t work in the advertisement square

7. Ghostery Adblocker

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Ghostery is the primary program augmentation to accelerate and clean your web surfing capacity. This adblocker has more than 7 million clients. They can utilize free applications programs to get it for free. You can trust its security systems.

Ghostery has many worthy features. In the beginning, you just need to indicate settings as per claim inclinations and then it does smooth web surfing. Ghostery extension is available for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It almost uses 140 MB of RAM while working.

In addition, it is free but if you want more great features then you can buy a premium version of Ghostery. Ghostery is secure, cleaner, and offers alternatives for clients. Further, it can square promotions on specified destinations.

Moreover, it’s the first-since forever instrument to join hostile to following and blocklist advancements controlled by AI. Its double methodology accelerates Websites and guarantees that security is as strong as it is generally intensive.


  • Client’s secrecy is its top priority
  • A huge database of trackers
  • Available for all devices
  • Advanced interface
  • Can update features on clients’ request


  • They can use the client’s data
  • They have a misty protection setting
  • Have alternatives to ad-blocking

8. Adaware

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Adaware ad blocker is considered as one of the best ad blockers and the least complex. Because it can block all kinds of advertisements. For example, Facebook ads, video promotions. It ca handle online threats and all kinds of dangers. By blocking intrusive trackers, it increases your surfing speed.

Adaware ad blockers are incorporated with high-level anti-virus software, So it prevents its users from dangerous viruses and keeps their data safe and very secure.

Adaware has proven its worth as the best ad blocker to give shelter virus items from your servers. It includes various channels and individual channels are also available. Also, it can square from all advertisements like pop-up and video advertisements. It has the quickest perusing speed. And it can whitelist website pages and likely the YouTube channels.


  • Antivirus insurance
  • It provides continuous ads blocking like pop-up and video promotions
  • Squares destinations that have hazardous downloads
  • Can block all advertisements
  • Secure from malware


  • No work area rendition
  • High asset utilization

9. AdLock

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AdLock is generally is new in the ad blocker industry. But, has proven its worth with its ability to stop malware and irritating advertisements. It comes in 3 structures for example work area form for Windows, a program augmentation for Chrome, and a versatile application for Android.

AdLock has a different price for every platform. Like it costs $29 every year for Windows and $14 for Android gadgets, in addition to there’s a 14-day free preliminary. Its google extension is available on the Chrome extension store. It has some incredible features.

You can say it a thorough advertisement blocking program that meets your requirements. It can square pop-up ads, video ads, and streak flags. It secures your servers from malware. The Adblocking highlight depends on publicizing channels. So, the arrangement of rules keeps advertisements from showing up on a given website page.


  • Individual channels are available
  • It can block Facebook and YouTube ads too
  • It does not show your information to any other platform
  • Removes a wide range of advertisements
  • Have good loading speed


  • Advised technical support
  • May square Internet access
  • It has little usefulness

10. AdBlock Fast

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Adblock fast executes 7 streamlined shifting rules to load your pages more quickly. Simply, you can download it from the website free of cost. It is an open-source platform for everyone. In contrast, Adblock fast does not have too many channels. Also, does not accept stuffing applications. While some other ad blockers are doing this thing.

It has the option to accelerate the page stacking and utilize less CPU. It can block all advertisements like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and Website ads.


  • Its free and open source
  • Have good working speed
  • Light for PC
  • Have good security systems
  • No adequate advertisements permitted


  • It have no setting feature
  • Allows some ads to display

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