10 Best E-commerce Affiliate Marketing Programs For 2020

Increase you website revenue

E-commerce Affiliate Marketing Programs

E-commerce Affiliate Marketing?

E-commerce affiliate marketing is becoming a source of income for online marketeers. There are lots of success stories that people became millionaires just because of affiliate marketing. You don’t need investment to start affiliate marketing. Everyone can do affiliate marketing because you need a computer an internet connection. A marketeer earn by promoting the product of companies. You get your commission without buying their products. Big offices are required to start affiliate marketing. Your house could be in your workplace.

Facts about Affiliate Marketing

  • E-commerce affiliate marketing has a 15% share of the total digital income in the world.
  • Affiliate marketing has become a significant source of income among online marketers.
  • Almost 82% of brands promote their products through online marketing.

Here is the list of some best E-commerce affiliate programs.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores. A vast range of products is available at Amazon online store. Amazon is based in the USA. Now, it has become a multinational e-commerce company. And they are making billions of dollars each year. The company offers people to become part of its affiliate marketing program to earn money.

People start selling products and get their commission when products are sold. You become more successful when you have a website with millions of subscribers. When your visitor qualifies the sale of amazon product, you get your commission. Amazon is just selling their products for billions of dollars in the only USA. If you become a part of the amazon affiliate program, you can generate significant revenue.

Commission is up to 15% on each sale.

2. Clarks E-commerce Affiliate Program

Clarks is a shoemaking company. They have started an affiliate marketing program to increase the sale of their shoes. Therefore, this affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to earn by promoting Clarks shoes. If you own a website having a huge number of visitors, then this would be plus point for you to make money.

Promote their product on your website. When a visitor from your website starts buying shoes, you start getting your commission on each sale. This brand is very famous. That’s why there is no need to worry about whether people are going to buy or not. Attractive banners are available to engage more customers at commission junction.

Commission starts from 7%.

3. BigCommerce Affiliate Program

BigCommerce is brightening the future of affiliate marketeers with its affiliate marketing program. It is just a great platform to make revenue by promoting their products. Also, you can sell products on other platforms like eBay, Google Shopping, and Amazon. They offer a great commission to their affiliate marketers.

BigCommerce has set tools to monitor and track your progress, sales, and earning. They also assist their affiliates in meeting the objectives of the business. Advanced advertisement materials also help you in getting more leads.

You get 20% commission of client’s first month payment.

4. Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit is dealing with health expert products, and Fitbit is well known in this industry. These health expert products can monitor your health factors. Health expert products can monitor your hydration level, daily sleep routine, workout monitoring, heartbeat rate, and many more.

Fitbit’s fitness expert applications are very famous, and thousands of people are using it. Besides, Fitbit has started an affiliate program to sell its products through its affiliate marketing. You don’t have to invest in getting a membership because it is free. If you have a significant number of visitors on your website, then this affiliate program would help you to make substantial revenue.

fitbit has set the 12% base commission.

5. Oriflame Affiliate Program

Oriflame is a well known cosmetic manufacturing company. It has secured its position in the list of five best cosmetic companies of all time. Oriflame sells products trough an e-commerce affiliate marketing system. Register on Oriflame, promote its products and get paid. More affiliates you register on its website, your income increases.

To increase your earnings, you need a team to run this affiliate marketing. Therefore, it depends on your team. Oriflame Pays you a good commission. As Oriflame is a famous brand that is making chemical-free products, you don’t have to work hard to convey the value of products to customers. You can track insights of your business in just a straightforward way. Oriflame offers gifts to their affiliates for more engagement.

Affiliates get 20% commission of each sale.

6. Zenfolio Affiliate Program

Zenfolio is an online platform that allows you to build a site to sell your photographs. It means you get an online shop to sell your pictures. Zenfolio is helping photographers by increasing their conversion rates.

Zenfolio run adds and you can get your commission while working on an affiliate marketing program, whether you are a free user or premium user. They offer their affiliate a high commission rate. Smart ad tools are available for more sales.

Zenfolio offers 30% commission.

7. Blue Apron Affiliate Program

The Blue Apron is considered the best restaurant brand. Blue Apron is a USA based restaurant company. But, it is incredibly famous across the globe. The reason behind this is they have maintained their food quality and best taste. And the environment there is elegant and clean. They serve unique dishes rich with the best flavour in the world.

Blue Apron also started an affiliate marketing program to grow business. They are managing it by linking affiliates. Also, they give training to their affiliates using advertising tools and teach them how to attract people to buy services. When someone buys with your reference, you get paid every time.

Each referral sale will get you 15% commission.

8. Volusion Affiliate Program

Kevin Sproles started this e-commerce store in 1999. Volusion helps website designers to design their web stores. Its shopping cart designing software is used to develop web stores. Updated versions can increase your sale.

The affiliate marketing program of volusion has great payouts for affiliates. volusion has advertising tools giving high commission rates to its affiliates. It also incorporates the referral system.

Volusion pays you out 20% commission of each sale.

9. Habitat Affiliate Program

Habitat is a piece of well-known furniture manufacturing company. They have exquisite designs. No one can beat the habitat in the quality of wood. Also, you can place orders according to your requirements. They gt the most impressive and luxury furniture products.

Now, they are working on affiliate marketing to promote their products. Affiliates are working with habitat and earn by promotion. Their conversion rate is 5%. You can sign up on Habitat for free and start earning.

Affiliates get commission up to 4% each sale.

10. Ucraft Affiliate Program

Ucraft is a platform that allows you to build your websites. All websites built on the craft website builder are customizable. They offer built-in templates for your websites. Ucraft also offers graphic designing tools too. A website built on ucraft builder can attract more customers for your brand.

They also run an affiliate marketing program to enhance their sale. When your visitor or customer purchases a product from your website, you get paid. It doesn’t matter whether the customer is new or old. You can access active visitors and your earning. Promoting on other platforms can increase your number of customers.

PPC platforms are also a great source of earnings. Search the best PPC networks here.

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