6 Best Chatbot For Your Business In 2020

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Best Chatbot For Your Business

As we know we are living a world full of technology and this technology has made this world a global village. This technology has given us the ability to develop amazing software which has changed the way of thinking. One of them is a chatbot that can communicate with people with the help of artificial intelligence.

What is a Chatbot?

The chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based software. A chatbot can communicate with people very efficiently. It asks questions and answers them very quickly. You can ask any type of questions and it gonna communicate with you about those queries without any delay. Besides, it can understand the wrong sentences without any difficulty.

In this age of online marketing and online business, chatbots are running their businesses successfully by maintaining a smooth conversation with customers.

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Chatbot plays the role of your assistant by handling your matters with customers through text messages
  • At the same time chatbot can interact with a large number of customers without any delay
  • You can set your working languages and chatbots understand wrong sentences
  • Chatbots becomes priceless in your busy schedule
  • These chatbots help to produce loyal customers by answering their question immediately

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There are two types of Chatbot.

Simple Chatbot

A simple chatbot uses keywords written in the program. If the keyword does not match with the customer’s query then it will answer sorry. They get their answers after the use of right keywords

Smart Chatbot

Smart chatbots are working artificial intelligence and need no built-in questions of keywords to answer. Therefore, smart chatbot gonna answer whatever you ask. Also, they can understand even extremely wrong sentences.

So, here is the list of some best chatbots.

1. Chatfuel

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Chatfuel is a great chatbot especially designed to facilitate the conversation between the internet and human being. You don’t need specific keywords to use it. Chatfueloffers more than 5000 subscribers and amazing features. It is designed for Facebook messenger. Also, it automatically answers the most asked questions on Facebook. It always interacts with your customers when they want to ask something. Besides, it can increase the sales of your company. Because of its engaging features and it boosts your customers. It is not too expensive.

2. SnatchBot

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SnatchBot is also an artificial intelligence-based chatbot. It provides you to chat with your customers on messenger. Additionally, snatchbot offers to create and publish your smart chatbot on WhatsApp, Viber, lines, and other smartphone applications.

It is not difficult to use and very flexible. You can create automatic responses for your convenience. Moreover, It offers to build your specific conversations like sending receipts and making payments. It can be used anywhere in the world. This offers to create unlimited bots with unlimited messages without any cost.

3. ChatBot

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ChatBot offers to improve your services within no time. It is a great platform to grow your business. ChatBot can increase your site conversions. It also simply deals with your customers. And gives support to the sales team by converting your visitors into customers.

It can reply with emojis, cards, and images to convey your message and creates a great impact on customers. Also, the owner can check the chat history to monitor the working.

4. HubSpot

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If you have zero programming skills then the HubSpot chatbot platform would be great to build a chatbot on your website. It would help you to answer the common questions, meeting, and booking tickets. The most amazing feature is its built-in templates for its users. Its main focus remains on a high-quality conversation with your customers. It is free.

5. Engati

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Engati is free of cost. It is available for Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, and many other chat applications. Because of its artificial intelligence-based built-in templates, you need no programming skills. It has voice features and analytics to create your model. Engati is a smart chatbot. It can manage the list of questions, gives better performance as compared to other chatbots. You have to buy this to use for your business.

6. Dialogflow

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Using the Dialogflow chatbot you can communicate with your customers through text-based messages and voice features. It is available for websites, mobile phone apps, and some other channels. Dialogflow can handle unlimited customer services because it is designed on google infrastructure. You don’t have to learn skills to use Dialogflow. Many big and marked companies are using Dialogflow to get in touch with their customers.

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