12 Best Instagram Marketing Tools In 2020

Grow your business on Instagram

Best Instagram Marketing Tools

The selection of a good marketing platform is very important to grow your business. Many digital marketing platforms are available right now like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. But, Instagram has proved its worth in online digital marketing for businesses to grow and expand their ideas. It does not matter which type of business are you running, it offers services for marketing bringing customers to your business.

How It Works?

In this age of social media, online marketing has replaced conventional marketing techniques. Instagram has more than 1 billion users. So, Instagram marketing would provide great help to grow your business. Instagram marketing brings more traffic to your website and increases your sale.

As we know, there are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram. Because of its vast number of active users, Instagram promotes your business or brands. You can reach to viewers of every age depending on your type of products and services.

1. RankingGrow (Instagram Organic Growth Service)

RankingGrow provides Instagram with organic growth services to its customers. It offers Instagram marketing tools and services for a better experience. RankingGow is comparatively a new Instagram marketing platform. But with exceptional services, rankingrow getting fame for online marketing.

Many other companies are working for online marketing but getting a better Instagram marketing platform is not an easy job. You have to do with those who are providing real human-powered growth services. Because lots of fake companies are taking advantage of this opportunity, these fake marketing companies show phoney traffic and fake customers.

RankingGrow not only helps its customers with real traffic and unique tools, targeting the desired audience and viewers. The different strategy plans are available on this Instagram marketing platform. Besides, the company has made interface user friendly, and signing up is not too difficult. You can set your targeted traffic by selecting the desired location, age, and people who search for services related to your products. Many other options are available for a better experience.

The 5-day free trial is available to get to know about the working of RabkingGrow. Their plans are not too expensive. , its a fantastic Instagram marketing tool to grow your business.

2. Canva (Bet Graphic Designing Tool)

Canva is a fantastic graphic designing tool. It offers to create image design and logo for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and also for your websites or pages. Also, It has lots of built-in styles and designs to make your work easy and stress-free.

Most of the templates are free, but paid items are also available. Digital marketers are using canva for their beautiful and elegant designs. We recommend marketers use canva to design images for Instagram marketing to get the attention of their viewers.

3. Crowdfire (Social Media Manager)

Using Crowdfire a digital marketeer can get desired traffic and target those people who are interested in your services or related to your products. You can use crowdfire to manage your followers and customers. Crowdfire has options to filter your followers.

This feature is exciting because you can block all fake traffic on your website. There may be some robots acting as traffic; these all are filtered out with crowdfire. This is very compatible with Instagram. You can trace your top fans.

4. Tagboard (Social Media Managing Tools)

If someone wants to grow business by getting the right traffic for your products, can get help from Tagboard. It is a social media management software/tool. It offers excellent options to increase your sales. For example, you can filter your posts for specific people using hashtags. Also, you can block fake and unwanted traffic and unwanted posts too.

If someone posts an offensive comment, then the owner can delete that comment too. They have a speedy and responsive search system that keeps you updated related to your posts and content. This tool would be beneficial to manage your Instagram marketing.

5. Iconosqaure (Instagram Analytics Software)

Some online platforms are working to provide useful information related to your businesses or brands. Iconosqaure gives information about your brand, products, and services to your visitors and followers. Despite this, iconsqaure also analyze your traffic like their time of visit, their interest, and location.

Iconosqaure also shows its influence on different social media platforms. You can reach to your desired Instagram traffic and get their analytical data using iconsqaure. That is the main reason that business owners are using iconsqaure to grow their business with Instagram marketing.

6. Hootsuite (Social Media Managing Tool)

Hootsuite is the best Instagram marketing tool that helps the user to schedule, publish, and analyze your posts. If you want to post your content at a specific time, then Hootsuite will send this content to your visitors as push notifications. Hootsuite is getting fame in Instagram marketing.

After subscribing paid plans for Instagram marketing, Hootsuite enables the features to publish posts automatically. So, Hootsuite is a great option to remain in touch with your followers.

7. Soldsie (Social E-commerce Platform)

If you are active all the time on Instagram and you are a tech marketeer, then you have come on the right platform. Soldsie also offers to create your shopping store, increasing your conversion rates. One fantastic feature is that it automatically update the content on your Instagram account. Soldsie approaches your followers after linking your optimized bio in tech content which your followers want to see.

8. (Instagram Marketing Tool) is another Instagram marketing-friendly tool that enables you to schedule to post content in the future. Select the date and time to post content at a specific time. asks you before posting the content. After the approval, automatically sends notifications to followers. In simple words, is one of the best Instagram marketing tools.

9. VSCO (Photo Editor)

VSCO is a photo editor tool that helps to create and edit potential photos for Instagram marketing. You can make elegant and eye-catching designs to influence your followers. As people love to see beautiful and colourful content, it makes your content very attractive. VSCO is free to use with the most fantastic photo editing attributes to make your content great.

10. Social Rank (Find and Analyze Audience)

SocialRank helps to manage your followers and audience. It shows the real data regarding your followers who are following you or un-following your business. Marketers can monitor whether your content is influencing the follower to what extent. SocialRank manages the products to get fame for your business.

11. Sprout Social (Social Media Manager)

SproutSocial is helping businesses by building a strong relationship with your audience on social media. Its unique tools can find out their interest and requirements. SproutSoical appreciates the followers by commenting back on their responses. You can check your performance and supports scheduling. It generates a report of the commission.

12. Rite Tag (Instagram Hashtag Generator)

Instagram marketing giants use hashtags too get discovered by their targeted audience for better reach. Rite Tag suggests the right tags for your images. When your hashtag got to match with the researcher’s query, Instagram automatically shows them respective images on their feed. Instagram starts by showing suggested hashtags. So, the Instagram marketing system uses these hashtags to get the right audience for your brands. You can find hashtags in 25 plus languages. And increases your conversion rates by growing your business. The 7-day free trial is available. After the expiration of the trial, you have to buy a paid version to use again.

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