12 Best Video Editing Software in 2020

Edit your videos with best video editing software

best video editing software
best video editing software

There are many video editing software are available in the market. Some video editing software is free of cost and provides premier features on payment or you need to buy such video editing tools. Editing is done to convey some kind of message to your viewers.

Every video editing software has its own specific features. Depending on these features their price may vary. Video editing tools and software are available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

With the enhancement of technology, the use of video editing tools is increasing day by day. You can earn a handsome amount of money using these software and tools by selling your services to your clients.

Online video editors are also available. You just need to go on respective websites and after signing in you can start free editing. This free video editing software has very fewer features as compared to paid editing software. Here is the list of some best video editing software.

1. Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing sotware

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is well-known video editing software in video editing word and performs very well in Windows. It is paid editing software but you can use it for 30 days on a trial basis. After 30 days you need to purchase this software.

This video editing software is famous for its 3D editing features. Every beginner or professional can use it easily because of its simple and user-friendly interface. You can import your data from any kind of source.

Its extraordinary features make it very prominent in the video editing industry. Many professionals recommend this to every learner because it works well on windows. It has many features but some are listed below.


  • Its functions are automatic
  • It has 30 days free trial version
  • The best tool for windows
  • You can import any type of data
  • Best 3D editing software

2. Premiere Rush by Adobe

Adobe Premiere Rush video editing software

Premiere Rush is also developed my adobe and can edit your videos on smartphones. This is a very interesting and user friendly feature of this video editing software because anyone can edit video on mobile and you do not need your computer for assistance. It is available on both Android and on IOS. Its interface is very interesting and easy to understand. In this way, it makes your tasks easy and simple. It is very popular in the sound editing industry.

As we know its interface is very simple but also similar to premiere pro cc. If you know how to use premiere pro cc then its difficult for you to learn adobe premiere rush. For the full version of this video editing software, you have to purchase it. It does not have a high price so everyone can purchase this software.


  • Free trial version available
  • Best for sound editing
  • Motion graphics are very amazing
  • Can use on smartphones
  • 4k support

3. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X video editing software

The Final Cut Pro X can be used only on MAC. You can not use this video editing software on any other device. You can not use it on Windows and Android. If you are a beginner and using this first time then it would be very difficult to understand its interface and its tools. Only professionals can use this editing software.

You need a MAC account to access the final cut pro x as we mentioned it works only one MAC. The price is a little bit high. Because it provides lots of other features that are not available on most of the videos editing tools.


  • Arranges your iTunes assortments or photos
  • Best video editor for MAC
  • Excellent color balancing
  • It can alter the sound

4. Apple iMovie

Apple iMove video editing software

iMovie is another video editing software that is only available on MAC. Apple iMovie comes built-in with MAC. This tool is not for professionals because it does not have advanced features. You can do just basic editing things.

This video editor has amazing features that most of the video editors provide after purchasing their products. You can say it a gift for your MAC users. The recorded sound quality is super amazing.


  • Free for MAC users
  • It supports 4k resolution
  • Best for audio editing
  • Great effects and filters

5. Premiere Elements 2019

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 video editing software

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 is an amazing video editing software because it does not matter whether you are a professional or beginner you can use this software easily. Its interface is easy to understand. Adobe Premiere Elements is available for both Windows and MAC.

Adobe Premiere Elements is a great choice for professionals and beginners. With time many more extraordinary features have been added in this editing software. There is a problem with this editor. You can not edit your video too fast. Its editing speed is a little bit slow as compared to the other editing tools.

what makes it among the most used tools is that it is very easy to use. The most important thing is you can search your finished as well as draft files.


Its key feature are

  • Unlimited video tracks are available
  • Face detection feature is available
  • Easy tool for beginners
  • Lots of transitions
  • Has motion tracking

6. Pinnacle Studio 22

Pinnacle Studio 22 video editing software

The Pinnacle Studio 22 is a very perfect software if you want to kick start your career as a video editing learner. Its user-friendly interface makes it worthy. Most beginners use this editing software. Available at a very low cost.

You can buy this software for $60. Then you can access 1500 impacts. lots of titles, many formats, and many more HD video track altering, time remapping, and easy shading instruments. It provides some free choices without wasting your money.

We recommend you learn this software because it will increase your chances to move into a professional industry in a short time.


  • Easy tool for beginners
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Amazing color control
  • Multi-camera capturing

7. Filmora

Filmora video editing software

The Filmora software is available for both Windows and MAC. Best works with windows and very easy to use. One of the best video editing software is making its good name in the video editing industry.

If you are a new learner of this tool launched a wondershare’s video editing application. With this application, it would be easy to understand its interface and basic functions. It also has a free audio effects library for beginners your videos.


Its key features are

  • The interface is easy to understand
  • Available for free trials
  • It has a built-in effect
  • It has built-in titles
  • Support 4k quality

8. Lightworks

One of the most powerful video editors available on Windows, MAC, and Linux is Lightworks. But it has some restrictions. Video tutorials are available to learn this amazing editing tool. Basically this software is widely used to make different kinds of movies. This software is used for adding amazing visual effects.

Its free version is available but with limited features. you need to buy its full version to access its all features. Its free version is very compatible with Windows 10.

You can buy its full version for $24.99.


Its key features are

  • You can do multi-color editing
  • Projects sharing is available
  • Best for making movies
  • Free versions are available

9. DaVinci Resolve

DeVinci Resolve video editing software

DeVinci Resolve is a video editing software that is basically used by professionals for color correction and for audio editing. It is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC. It has its worth in the audio editing world. But widely being used for color correction in videos.

Color correction is very important if you are broadcasting videos on tv. Media production companies frequently use this editing software. If you need to edit sound capacities then Davinci Resolve would be a great choice. It allows us to lend up to 1,000 channels.

As this is compatible with MAC and Windows, you can include this software in your best video editing software.


Its key features are

  • Extraordinary audio editing
  • Good for media production
  • Multi-users can access
  • Best for color correction

10. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express video editing software

Hitflm Express is best known for its 3D editing. This feature makes very prominent in the 3D editing industry. Hitfilm Express is available for both Windows and for MAC.

The free version of Hitflm Express is available on windows with features that are free. But if you need extra highlights then you have to buy these packs. Anyone can easily learn music-making and video making for YouTube with 3D effects in it.

In a version of the Hitfilm Express contains all that you must make an expert quality creation, yet at times you’ll profit by growing its capacities by obtaining a portion of the extra highlights. As we mentioned extra highlights are available. The price of these packs starts from $7.


Its main features are

  • Good range of import formats
  • Great community
  • 3D composting

11. Kinemasters

Kinemaster video editing software

kinemaster is also a well-known video editing software in the video editing software industry and has proved its worth on Android. Well, it is available for both android and IOS. You don’t need to buy kinemaster because it is free of cost and can be downloaded for free. Kinemaster has millions of users because of its amazing free features and easily available on smartphones.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or professional, everyone can edit video s easily on their smartphones. Its features are quite interesting. The software performs very well on Android devices. They have an IOS version as well but not so good. And it takes your skills to a new level. Audio tracks can be added to videos in simple ways.


Its main features are

  • kinemasters is free of cost
  • Performs very well on Android
  • Gives instant preview
  • Good tool for beginners

12. VSDC

VSDC video editing software

Some video editing software is very special which is used for special effects. VSDC is one of those kinds of software and mostly used for presentations. This software is only available on Windows and have lots of special effects that you can add to presentations. It takes your presentations to a new next level.

There’s additionally a video stabilizer to help expel camera shake from film taken with Go Pros and an amazing outline instrument for adding diagrams to introductions. The free form of VSDC will fare to a scope of various configurations including AVI and MPG.


Its main features are

  • VSDC stabilize your videos
  • Amazing chart tool
  • Best for presentations

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